The Grand Budapest Hotel: a Grand and Great Film

Most every scene in this film could be paused, screenshotted, printed and hung up and your friends would question where you found such beautiful artwork. Wes Anderson’s creative style is best showcased in this film’s explosion of color, comedy and surprising action. 

The settings (especially the hotel) make you feel like you’re truly in a doll house, the camera panning around the room rather than cutting back and forth. This is Anderson’s signature filming style, showing the audience just how much set was actually built for the movie to be possible. The characters are magnetic in both attitude and dress and the audience is sure to become immediately entranced by their various plights. 
The comedy is quick and dry- if one talks at just the wrong moment, they are sure to miss a joke and never even know it had been said. The film moves quickly and you are sure to catch on to more and more with each viewing. 
This is my favorite Wes Anderson film and one where I feel his vision is the most clearly presented. I highly recommend this film to anyone willing to pay attention because the payoff is truly spectacular. This is the movie you’ll bug your friends to watch because they simply “won’t get it” until they’ve seen it for themselves. 

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