January Favorites


What kind of shoes does a pedophile wear?


White Vans.


With the first month of the new year already halfway over, I thought I’d take a second to appreciate some of my favorite creature comforts and tiny luxuries that I have discovered in 2018 or have held onto since 2017. These are the tiny things that brighten my day and that I can’t stop recommending to anyone who will listen long enough. I have either stumbled upon them myself or had them first recommended to me and it just seems selfish not to share the wealth.


Mama Ramen Noodles (shrimp flavor):

I’ll  be the first to admit that I’m decently picky and the thought of tiny, freeze-dried shrimp doesn’t really spark my appetite. However, the first time I tried this it was made for me by a friend and I never would’ve guessed the flavor. It carries flavor in its spices, is laughably easy to make and has quickly become a staple in mine and my friends’ kitchens.


Burt’s Bees Chapstick:

I consider myself somewhat of a chapstick connoisseur. I have been known to spend copious amounts of money on chapstick even if I have multiple unopened tubes in my makeup bag. What can I say? I think having dry lips is an issue that our species has evolved past suffering through and so, I like to live in comfort. Burt’s Bees has been a longstanding favorite of mine (especially the honey and original flavors) and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone looking for a simple solution to an extreme annoyance.


Himalayan Salt Lamp:

I got this for Christmas and have completely fallen head over heels for it. I am a sucker for mood lighting because historically, it has been proven to really help me wind down in the evenings. This lamp gives off a gorgeous pink glow and while I can’t speak to the positive ion claims, I can say the soft lighting certainly puts me in a good mood.


Tazo Boxed Chai Tea:

This stuff has gotten me through so many late classes and library study sessions that I think I owe half my GPA to it. It has just enough caffeine to wake you up without feeling jittery and the taste is phenomenal. Seriously, better than half the overpriced chai tea lattes that I have bought at various cafes. I make it with half almond milk, half chai tea and then a tiny swirl of vanilla extract mixed in to really bring out the sweeter notes.



I’m sure this seems like a bizarre favorite but lately, I have been having toast for breakfast and as someone who is adamantly NOT a morning person, it has really changed my perspective on mornings a bit. I use Heartland Grains Farmer Style White Bread lightly toasted with a thin layer of peanut butter on top and then a layer of Oregon Red Raspberry Preserves. Cannot recommend enough as a snack anytime of day but I think it’s best in the morning when you’re still in pajamas to make it while playing music in the kitchen.


Dr. Jart Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment:

I don’t like wearing foundation on a daily basis because I think it feels heavy and it tends to slide around a bit with the first signs of sweat. However, my complexion is towards the oily side and I have some uneven redness that I like to cover up. This product is the perfect in-between of powder and foundation. It stays decently matte throughout the day, is extremely lightweight and covers any and all redness with a natural glow. Also, it smells wonderful.

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