I was in Amsterdam the last weekend of January. The brisk, rainy weather was a shock to us all but we found ourselves dancing in the street at the beauty of it all anyways. We toured the Anne Frank house which was a somber, staggering piece of history. We also toured the Van Gogh museum which was my personal highlight. The paintings are beautifully displayed and his biography is told artfully through the displays of his distinctive periods.

After the Van Gogh, we did a sunset canal cruise. Seeing the city slowly light up from water-level was truly unforgettable. The vantage point was unbeatable and it was conveniently included with the museum ticket. Afterwards, we wandered around looking for food– the strategy? Following our noses. The street food in the Red Light district is delicious with wide varieties of frites, waffles, and sausages. The warm, hearty food tastes great in the cold winter weather.

I was fortunate enough to have traveled here with a large group of my friends so we decided to check out the nightlife. We went to various bars and techno clubs the first night. The second night, we wanted a more permanent venue so we bought tickets ahead of time to club NYX. There was multiple floors, which each featuring a unique DJ and music genre. The staff were helpful and friendly and we had a great time.

The people in Amsterdam were so helpful and much more patient with us tourists than in other areas we had visited. The weather was bleak but the beauty of the city was still not expunged, even by the constantly ominous clouds. The food was incredible and the warmth was always much appreciated.

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