a rainy weekend in Paris

The last weekend of February I spent in Paris during women’s fashion week. The first day was spent at Disneyland. The park was full of adorable, laughing children, despite the rain and the cloudy skies seemed to actually aid in bringing out the pastel colors that created the park facades.


We ate at Bistrot Chez Remy which features adorable decor so as to make guests feel “rat sized”. The apple tart was also the best I’ve ever had– my compliments to the rat.

At night we watched the light show on the castle (I especially loved the French rendition of “Part of Your World”) and ate pretzels before taking the metro back to our Airbnb. The next day was spent walking the city near the Eiffel tower and eating various French onion soups. We saw the 7pm sparkling light show and then got macaroons at Ladurée.

We ended our trip the following day by seeking shelter from the midday storm in café Angelina. We had pastries and more french onion soup as well as their famous (extra-thick) hot chocolate. It all felt like a dream, a beautiful weekend in the middle of the international coronavirus panic.

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