3 things

Inspired by endless lists of Top Three Hits, here are my personal most loved three things lately.

  1. Trader Joe’s Dried Mandarin Oranges

Even with the Kourtney Kardashian endorsement I was skeptical that these could really be that delicious. I enjoy dried fruit but it’s not something I ever crave. However, these mandarin oranges are different. Trust me and make sure you buy more than one bag, you’ll eat it faster than you think.

2. “Exist” by Promnite

Equal parts groove and social commentary, this song hits the sweet spot while driving through the delicious California sun. If you’re looking for some summertime magic, look no further than this song.

3. Rodger Binyone

I picked up this artist’s comics at a local bookshop and have since delved deep into his online archive of work. His risograph prints and color coordinations create their own atmospheric, dimensional world on the page. Truly stunning work, check him out @ http://www.nomanillustration.com/

Image sourced from: http://www.nomanillustration.com/ Artist: Rodger Binyone

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