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Back in High School I would define my sense of style as “definitely still figuring it out.” I couldn’t really articulate what it is was that I liked or was looking for, only that I knew it when I saw it. This innate knowing –without the proper vocabulary to express this surety– has been a repetitive theme in many aspects of my life. In some facets, this instinct has lead me towards kismet moments but when it came to back to school shopping, it usually had ineffectual results. My style felt like an uncatchable snake– ever shifting and impossible to pin down. This piece though, is something I purchased Junior year and am still completely enamored with.

I remember so vividly the moment I tried it on, I instantly got the goosebumps that I now intentionally seek out when buying clothes. I had been frustrated with the options at all the usual stores, Forever 21 and what have you, so I decided to try a re-sell vintage store I had been to once or twice. This dress is what made me fall in love with Buffalo Exchange; the store having presented me with the perfect breeding ground to produce such a dress that felt like it had been made for me. I love the delicate velvet flowers over the cheer chiffon layer, intimate details that combine with the flared sleeves to give a disco feel to this modern dress. I find the beautiful autumnal colors enchanting and unique given the length and lightness of the dress.

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset
Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

I have worn this dress on many special occasions including my pref night for my sorority rush week during my second week of college. I remember putting on the dress before that last day of recruitment, nervously buttoning it with quivering hands. I wanted so badly to be chosen, accepted into the flock. I got compliments on my dress all day long and wearing it helped me present my truest, most uncompromised self.

The last time I wore this dress was to fondue dinner in celebration of my college graduation. I had my graduation via YouTube live and Zoom with the family members. It was certainly not how I always imagined my graduation day to go, but it was nice to share in my family’s zenith of celebratory activities: The Melting Pot. Wearing this dress made me remember all the times it gave me that little boost, that little extra oomph that I needed at whatever particular event. It will always be special to me because of the fun times I’ve had– dancing with those big sleeves.

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