Crystal Collection

As I became interested in spirituality throughout college, I found the perfect adult transition for my longheld fascination with rocks– crystals. Gradually, I have accumulated a small assortment of crystals that provide certain energetic improvements simply by having them around. I still haven’t delved too deeply into the entire scope of their abilities and the rituals surrounding them but I did manage to charge them under the Capricorn lunar eclipse this past fifth of July. I believe my intentions and the way I aligned my energy that night has helped guide me through the weeks since then, regardless of arguing whether the crystals “worked” or not.

I believe manifestation will bring you your destiny so if some kooky fun ritual helps you set those intentions and get focused on where it is you want to go in life then I say, go for it! It’s more important to just be present and follow your instincts than getting caught up in belief systems of “normal,” “expected,” and “productive.” I think it is much more beneficial to trust your self and do what you see as helpful rather than worrying about what other people may perceive it as. If you believe it, you will benefit.


This lovely Clear Quartz is actually of origins unknown, it having been extracted from my childhood rock collection many years later. Clear Quartz is a crystal meant to bring balance and clarity, allowing concentration for psychic connection.


I bought this Snakeskin Agate while going through a serious depressive bought last November. I got it at a crystal shop near my college that I had stumbled upon after attending a poetry reading in the shopping complex one night. Snakeskin Agate supports ones emotional state, helping to stabilize and encouraging one to recover their awareness of the “joy of living.”


During this same November blues I purchased this Pink Opal at the same crystal shop. Pink Opal aids in healing matters of the heart and encourages the release of fear and worry. I remember how back then I was totally consumed with fear about graduating and stepping into total responsibility over my own life. I had no idea what to expect and I was constantly terrified. Looking back I laugh, realizing now just how much I really had no idea what was coming– none of us did.

The Summer before that November crystal search, I went to the Melrose Trading Post for my roommate’s birthday celebration. The day was miserably hot but we still enjoyed our languid perusing of the artful booths. Towards the end of our day, I purchased this Moonstone crystal for $5. I remember how perfect it seemed to sit in my hand and the way it became translucent in the light astounded me. This is still my favorite crystal to this day and I often carry it with me in my purse to keep a constant supply of its beneficial properties. Moonstone crystals are a symbol for inner strength and helps promote balance, intuition, inspiration and good fortune.


These next three crystals were purchased at a crystal shop that my sister and I happened upon while visiting Sausalito last month. The store was gorgeously illuminated by the setting sun– spilling orange all over the wood floors and glimmering gems. The employees were so helpful and each crystal had an accompanying paper card with the properties written on it that could be taken with you. One of the women told us about all the strange coincidences that have started happening to her once she began working in the crystal shop, the universe seemingly often aligning her with the right place at the right time. It was such a great experience and if you want to check them out, you can visit them at   They also have been doing Instagram live sales @dynamicenergycrystals

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 5.01.09 PM

This metallic crystal is known for its strong grounding energy. This helps bring concentration and focus as a result. I also chose this one because the women at the shop informed me its properties were enhanced by another crystal I had my eye on– the Orange Calcite.

Immediately upon entering the store I was drawn to this hunk of a crystal– its shape enchantingly reminiscent of a large slice of cheese. I looked at the entire rest of the inventory and then decided to trust my instinct’s attachment to this crystal. Orange Calcite helps in integrating one’s spiritual self with their physical body; something a cerebral person like me can definitely benefit from. It also cleanses the Root and Sacral chakras, increasing creativity and sense of identity.

Lastly, I selected this crystal because of it’s reputation for  cleansing atmospheres and other crystals. Additionally, Selenite encourages alignment which leads to deeper meditation and insight.

Whatever your opinion on crystals, the opportunity to connect with your spiritual self can come from any variety of sources. The important thing is recognizing these moments, these glimpses into something bigger than yourself. I believe creating a relationship with this element of yourself is crucial to fully developing one’s knowledge of the self. It is also a great way to celebrate that self!

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