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Born of quarantine, LIMBO began as a project with the intention of providing income and exposure to artists who were impacted due to the lockdown. The magazine quickly gained over 100 contributors, many waiving their fees to take part in the exciting project. The ethos behind the magazine seems obvious and yet, LIMBO seems to be the only one doing it thus far — a complete equal division of profits amongst contributors in tandem with tiered levels of community pricing for consumers.

The magazine itself is gorgeously and expertly produced– the tall length of the spine making a visual impact on any book shelf. The pages are luxuriously colored and the editorial is top tier; each spread contributing to both to individual aesthetics and the collective curation. The magazine is divided into five sections:


It is incredible how seamlessly the time capsule effect is woven throughout each category– each featuring poignantly exquisite portrayals of the complicated emotions of this time. Seeing these modern phenomena expressed and preserved in this way made me prematurely nostalgic, optimistically imagining a future where these things would be forgotten, indescribable in their abstraction.

“Such a chasm between the media ideal and the actual mediocrity of the spectacle inevitably leads to disappointment.”

Scott Kind, 12 Page Fashion Story

Two of my personal favorite works of literary portraiture was the excerpt “Why Don’t We Stop?” by Caroline Horton and “Distances are Reloaded,” A Psalm on Grief by Georgina Johnson. Both seem to encapsulate the unacceptable, unplaceable grief felt during this year. They highlight our search for peace, for understanding– something I think a lot of us have found ourselves seeking in response to the constant onslaught of tragedy and disorder.

“We forget how to stand in the desert– we tell ourselves we cannot stand it.”

Caroline Horton, Why don’t We Stop?

In the “THINGS TO DO IN LIMBO” section there is a list of things to do online, a choose your own quarantine adventure and a dense collage of things for sale on line. That section especially capitalized on the novelty aspects of quarantine, an important contribution to any time capsule.

“You slip down the backstreets and are careful to avoid all humanity. If people are talking, you are careful not to walk in the floating particles that hang in the air in their wake.”

Francesca Gavin, Choose Your Own Quarantine Adventure

LIMBO magazine is a project with a clear and consistent moral responsibility to the people around us– to share their stories, to give a voice, to value art as the cultural marker it is. The substantial magazine provides an intimate and yet, accessible glimpse into the collective conscious of today and asks us to consider our aims whilst moving forward.

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One thought on “LIMBO magazine

  1. Bell, book and candle.

    Once rung, one cannot remove the sound. When held up to the word of justice, will it stand up to the approval of our peers. When shown in the light, will it stand and be rightfully justified.

    Roy W.



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