Best Thing I Read Last Week

“Fashion is a moment of introspection as we radically reimagine what we mean by luxury, high fashion, high art. Because part of the old definitions of fashion was about being exclusive– and about excluding certain populations who have been making the work.

It’s not about giving up the standards or giving up on a certain idea of fashion. They can and should live, but they should be experienced now through different people’s eyes– people who have been overlooked in the process of making contemporary fashion. I’m hopeful because the talent is there. The people who never thought they would get their work looked at are the people we should be looking to in this moment to help us reimagine our definitions of things like beauty and taste and desire.”

— Antwaun Sargent, Art Critic and Writer

Exceprt from Vogue US 2020 Sept. Issue, section “Vogue Voices”

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