Netflix Finds

After the six month mark of quarantine, I found myself in a show hole, believing I had finally seen everything worth watching on Netflix. This month I revisited the site, with a new sense of exploration in mind. Here’s some of gems that I’ve uncovered; conveniently sorted into categories to best direct you towards your next potential favorite viewing experience.


“F is for Family”

This adult comedy walks the tight line of taking it too far– occasionally crossing it but not often enough to distract from the central comedy narrative of the show. The show is depressingly relatable; everything that can go wrong, does and it’s funny because it’s happening to a fictional character rather than you for once.



This 20th century hit follows the misadventures of a widow who takes up selling weed to her suburban friends to support her two sons. The show quickly escalates into hilarious proportions, expanding the plot continuously into further reaches of the widow, Nancy Botwin’s life. You’ll find yourself both rooting for her and wishing she’ll get caught already so the narrow misses can finally come to fruition.



This introspective drama grants viewers insight into the Columbia college days of Barack Obama. The unexpected perspective is immediately accessible in its humanity; a young man trying to discern his direction in life– discerning who his “crowd” is. The time seems to have been a pivotal time in Barack’s life and the film is an excellent interpretation of some of these internal dilemmas.


“Knock the House Down”

This is an inspiring account of the grassroots movements of four working class women running against powerful incumbents for Congress. Their passion is visceral and truly touching; they love their respective districts and they want to see someone stand up for them, their families, the people they see on their streets. It’s incredible to learn about these specific crusades, happening all over the country, to replace those backed by corporate interest to those who fight for the people they represent.


“The Addams Family”

This Halloween classic is perfect to share with ghouls of all ages. The morbidly whimsical house of delightful haunts is sure to put you in the mood for the devising of your own dreadfully dastardly plans.

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