The Sun Magazine : A Review

For my birthday this year my grandmother gifted me a subscription to The Sun magazine, along with a copy she had previously read. She had recommended the magazine to me a few weeks earlier and I had been intrigued by the website but hadn’t found any readings online.

Eventually, that initial gifted copy was slated as next in my reading rotation. I read the full issue in only a few days; only stopping in an attempt to savor the remaining pages for the days to come. I wasn’t sure when the next issue would arrive and it was good, like very good. I found the fiction to be impressive, the poetry insightful and the political perspective refreshingly candid.

Just a week or so ago I received the October issue after much eager anticipation. This time, I read cover and cover within the course of a day– beginning in bed after waking and finishing on my carpeted floor at night after meditating. It was enthralling and its timeliness made it all the more compelling.

Multiple sections feature the direct voices of readers; showcasing their feedback and distinctive ventures of their own writing practices. This direct implication of the audience coalesces into an expansive portraiture when combined with the variety of voices represented through the longer portions of story and poetry.

I highly recommend purchasing an issue of The Sun if you are looking for something unexpected: refreshing in its broad-minded clarity. Chances are pretty good you will find someone’s voice that resonates with you within the pages, someone who perhaps might understand the world as you do. Additionally, I will guarantee that you will find someone’s printed voice that challenges you– asks you to look beyond your own experiences into understanding of another’s distinctive personhood; despite preconceptions and expectations.

I think The Sun is an essential publication that truly documents, observes, and expresses the diversity of modern culture– giving voice to the multitudes that comprise the collective community of the United States.

Image: cover of The Sun October 2020 Issue

One thought on “The Sun Magazine : A Review

  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying The Sun! Real readings for real people! Are you sharing your review with them? Or at least a Letter To The Editor? And a thanks from me for your acknowledgement. xo

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