Poetry Collections for Any Mood

Learning to love poetry only a few years ago, I really resonate with contemporary poets who discuss all the complexities and complications of a heavily intersected world. These collections are intentionally arranged, creating a cascade of revelations and reflections, connecting with readers beyond the inaccessible bounds of traditional, restrained poetic verse.

I love poetry’s ability to convey authentic perspective– the many messy facets of living an examined life molding into a cohesive shape of experience. My collection of collections is still on the slim side but I have thoroughly enjoyed returning to these books again and again, gaining a different and deeper understanding each time. I have learned much from these poets and their words have held me on solace on both lonely nights and bountiful mornings; I hope they can do the same for you.

For Divine Feminine Energy : Virgin by Analicia Sotelo

Exploring the complicated feminine experience, this collection confronts familiar perceptions and reclaims empowerment and ownership over one’s own body.

For Misunderstood Energy: Calling a Wolf a Wolf by Kaveh Akbar

This collection was a revelation to me from the first read; tracing familiar feelings of self-loathing and ingraspable desire with a strange and tender touch with a heavy emphasis on the animal in all of us.

For Comeback Tour Energy: Brute by Emily Skaja

With a vicious grip, this collection shakes readers in their understanding of love and hatred, exploring the absence freedom often creates and the pain rebirth often demands.

For the Complicated Emotions of a Bustling Modern Daily Life:

Year of Blue Water by Yanyi

Releasing emotions in a steady torrent of seemingly organic thought patterns, Yanyi dances masterfully around the traps of conventional representation and reminds us all that we can choose our own path; following the connections as they appear.

Cover Image by Julie Morstad


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