I tried Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations for 7 days

A few months back, I was in the midst of a deep dive into the large library of goop podcasts when I was intrigued by one title in particular: “How to Become Your Future Self.” Over the next 80 miles and 50 minutes, I listened as the worlds of holistic healing and quantum physics collided across a vast landscape of seemingly impossible miraculous works.

Sharing story after story of reality defying logic and the science to back it up, Dr. Joe enraptured me by being the first figure I knew of to enmesh the pragmatics of science with the possibilities of naturalism. I was astounded, both by his work and the ongoing difficulties of his contemporaries to disprove him.

However, in typical enlightenment-while-driving fashion, I had practically forgotten the whole event when a few months later, Dr. Joe circled back around and appeared on my YouTube Home page as a new wellness challenge. I clicked the video and watched a young woman’s attempt to complete one of Dr. Joe’s meditations every day for 30 days. She documented her reflections each day and seemed to make a large amount of progress within the time period, even ending with the promise that she will be implementing these meditations into her regular self care practice.

Since watching this video I’ve tried a couple of the free Dr. Joe meditations found on Youtube, mostly during intermittent bursts of motivation. To close out February, however, I wanted to truly dedicate myself to this practice to see the powers of these mediations for myself. I chose this Youtube video:

and promised myself I would complete it once daily for seven days straight. I chose this meditation because it touches on a lot of energies that I am trying to align right now such as feelings of personal freedom, financial abundance, and certainty in destiny. I think the tonal sounds and the meditative ‘oms’ in the background also help to create a full immersive experience which can help to deepen the meditation.

I decided to complete these meditations outside to enjoy some of the ridiculously temperate San Diego weather but the girl from Youtube did them while swaddled in a blanket and sitting against a wall, which I think is also a stellar option. The first two days I certainly found myself thinking about the meditation a lot, my brain still interested in the newness of the sounds and Dr. Joe’s voice. The third and fourth days I really settled into the process and was able to deepen my focus on my breath. I felt extremely motivated afterwards and excited to do it again the next day.

On the fifth day I hit the wall of self-imposed-expectation and struggled in the beginning of my meditation with thoughts of expectation. I expected it to be easy, given that the past two days had gone so well. I expected it to go even better. My expectation and the weight of waiting for that breakthrough was getting in the way of being present with the moment; the space for true enlightenment to occur. I had to consciously realize that this was happening and acknowledge my expectations without judgement before I was able to release them and be with the meditation for what it was that day. By letting go of what I wanted it to be, I granted it the freedom to be what it was– gaining the choice for myself to appreciate the mediation as a lesson in temperance.

The sixth day I saw some of the same misplaced effort, but I was able to recognize my eager expectations earlier on, allowing me to more quickly release them and drop into the fullness of my practice. I felt proud of myself during the mediation, recognizing that the reward of mediation is often found in the satisfaction of the work of a daily practice. On the seventh day, my motivation had begun to dwindle and I was not as excited to sit cross legged on the ground. But I rallied my spirit regardless and sat down to practice, realizing that it is often in these moments of resistance that the work becomes most necessary and most fulfilling.

Having completed a full week of Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations, I can definitely understand the attention around his work. I think his innovative approach to integrating the feelings of the “future self” is a really powerful tactic towards positive visualization and self improvement in the every day. I will definitely be continuing with his mediations and I am excited to try some of his other meditations, although it may be some time before I work up to the extended length sessions which often go over an hour.

Photo Credits:

Angelo Quaglio (1829 – 1890)

Bozzetto di sipario (1870 c.)

acquarello su carta, cm. 27,9 x 37,3

Colonia, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft der Universität.

Photo © from ”L’avventura del sipario” – UBULIBRI

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