Five Everyday Adjustments to Increase Productivity

  1. Make a plan the night before

Taking the time before bed to meter out tomorrow’s tasks can relieve some of the early morning decision-making stress on your brain, allowing you to slip easily into productivity. Sorting the list in order of priority from highest to nearly optional can also help ensure the essential tasks don’t get pushed until the end.

2. Make your bed

Beginning your day with this simple accomplishment helps create a transition point in your day, signaling to your brain and body that it’s time to shift into the day.

3. Begin with a grounding activity

Taking ten minutes to stretch, sit in stillness, and set your intentions for the day will provide serious long-term benefits, especially if you can make a point to connect back to these intentions periodically throughout the day. Taking this mindful approach can help you stay in control of your attitude, inevitably increasing your productivity as you are able to keep moving forward positively.

4. Breaking for lunch

With more remote workers than ever before, the lines between our personal and professional lives are increasingly blurred, challenging us to increase our boundaries in return. I’ve found that breaking for lunch and sitting outside, reading a book, or even taking a brief nap helps me to re-focus for the second half of my work day; allowing me to recoup my energy for the tasks that still lie ahead.

5. Taking the time to appreciate what did get done

It can be easy at the end of each day to look at the to-do items that lie untouched, the projects that took longer than we expected, the mess that still has to be cleaned. However, it’s crucial to be compassionate with yourself and appreciate the effort you put in, regardless of what the outcome may be. Acknowledging your hard work helps inspire you to continue putting more in.

Image from Harry Harris’ Alice in Wonderland 1985

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