Little White Lies: Issue 85

Little White Lies was established in 2005 as a passionate project to combine striking graphic illustration with various movie conversations. Issue 85 is the July/August issue of 2020, having been produced and distributed in a lockdown state. Besides its collection of fascinatingly specific movie articles, this issue is especially relevant due to it’s special issue statusContinue reading “Little White Lies: Issue 85”

At Eternity’s Gate: Film Review

This film depicts the last years of Vincent Van Gogh’s life, after his slight accumulance of a reputation in the Parisian city center. Willem Dafoe comes alive on screen, fully immersed in his role of the tortured artist. The devastating degradation of Van Gogh’s mental health is explored through intimate, distorted camera work. The off-kilterContinue reading “At Eternity’s Gate: Film Review”

Quick + easy comfort food

Whether it be the dead of winter, the middle of a ravenous workday or when presented with an unexpected dinner guest; it is important to have a reliable comfort food recipe on hand. Something requiring minimal preparation, ingredients, and dirty dishes but still produces spectacular results. A trick up your sleeve, a plan B inContinue reading “Quick + easy comfort food”

Trick Mirror: Book Review

Jia Tolentino’s first book, Trick Mirror, consists of meticulous yet concise essays spanning across a wide range of relevant social topics. She examines the transformation of society by the internet, our obsession with productivity and optimization, the limited roles of female characters in novels, and long held ideas and expectations of marriage. Her perspective is broad,Continue reading “Trick Mirror: Book Review”