Best Thing I Read Last Week

“Fashion is a moment of introspection as we radically reimagine what we mean by luxury, high fashion, high art. Because part of the old definitions of fashion was about being exclusive– and about excluding certain populations who have been making the work.

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Vogue US : September Issue

This September the much anticipated Vogue September issue features a global collaboration; all iterations of the magazine have united under a single theme: Hope. Each issue is graced with a diverse array of hopeful stories, thoughtful insights, and initiatives for the future. The US issue features two alternate covers: both paintings, a rare departure from Vogue’s typical airbrushed photoshoot. The stunning rippling blue and black dominant pieces by Jordan Casteel and Kerry James Marshall, respectively, create an impactful message of Vogue’s intentions for the future.

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LIMBO magazine

Born of quarantine, LIMBO began as a project with the intention of providing income and exposure to artists who were impacted due to the lockdown. The magazine quickly gained over 100 contributors, many waiving their fees to take part in the exciting project. The ethos behind the magazine seems obvious and yet, LIMBO seems to be the only one doing it thus far — a complete equal division of profits amongst contributors in tandem with tiered levels of community pricing for consumers.

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Almost There : A New Take on Sustainable Fashion

Almost There is Celine Kabaker’s new apparel company that is determined to produce thoughtful design at a mid-range price point, catering to a large inclusivity of sizes ranging from XS to 5X. The brand sells 10 curated dresses, in varying cuts and lengths. Timeless in their shape and adaptable in their flattering color range, these made-to-order dresses assure customers they they will continue to reap the benefits of their purchase for years to come.

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Best Thing I Read Last Week

“I wanted somebody like him to protect me, and in some reflexive twist of consciousness, I think he wanted somebody like him to protect him too. … I tried to tag along wherever he went, even to the bank or the supermarket or the drugstore, to make sure he wasn’t lonely. But none of that ever satisfied my longing for him, because even when we were together I missed him, as if he wasn’t actually there.”

Excerpt from Criminals by Robert Anthony Siegel, published in The Paris Review Fall 2015 Issue
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The Defining Decade: Book Review

This book was recommended to me during an interview of another artist whose teachings have helped me navigate these tumultuous waters of being twenty-something at a time like this. Written by Dr. Meg Jay, this book is an accessible guide to avoiding some common missteps that can accidentally take your twenties off track for longer than intended. Dr. Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist who regularly meets with young adults who come from a wide variety of unique experiences. Despite the distinctions in specifics, the themes and setbacks explored in this book feel shockingly relatable; audiences across all age groups responding that they wish they had this book when they were in these twenties. This speaks to the universality and generational persistence of the lessons demonstrated in the book.Continue reading “The Defining Decade: Book Review”

Installation 3

As I became interested in spirituality throughout college, I found the perfect adult transition for my longheld fascination with rocks– crystals. Gradually, I have accumulated a small assortment of crystals that provide certain energetic improvements simply by having them around. I still haven’t delved too deeply into the entire scope of their abilities and the rituals surrounding them but I did manage to charge them under the Capricorn lunar eclipse this past fifth of July. I believe my intentions and the way I aligned my energy that night has helped guide me through the weeks since then, regardless of arguing whether the crystals “worked” or not.

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