Best Thing I Read Last Week

“It would be trite to say that all change is positive, because there are comforts in life which we cleave to and which we would miss if they ever went away. But the opportunity for renewal and a rethink of priorities should never be sniffed at. We have learned that introspection and self-criticism should, like in cinema, be a constant in all industries, and that it’s foolhardy to rely on methods and ideas that have long since calcified in the collective mind.”

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10 Things I Can’t Wait to do After

  1. Smell my fruit in the store again
  2. Make faces at babies
  3. Bump into someone, anyone
  4. Travel out of this country
  5. Sing with my friends in a crowded bar
  6. Give a good hug
  7. Make a dinner reservation and inevitably still end up waiting
  8. Talk with strangers
  9. Go to an outdoor market
  10. Throw away my face mask

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10 Things I Miss from Before

  1. The smell of fresh cut grass and chlorine
  2. The sound of children laughing in the Summer sunset
  3. My body being squeezed, pressed and pushed against other bodies in a crowded parties
  4. Being able to see a cute boy smile at me
  5. Sneaking candy into the movies
  6. Souplantation
  7. Goosebumps at a concert
  8. My hands, touching every surface imaginable
  9. Smiling at cute strangers
  10. Trader Joe’s samples

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3 things

Inspired by endless lists of Top Three Hits, here are my personal most loved three things lately.

  1. Trader Joe’s Dried Mandarin Oranges

Even with the Kourtney Kardashian endorsement I was skeptical that these could really be that delicious. I enjoy dried fruit but it’s not something I ever crave. However, these mandarin oranges are different. Trust me and make sure you buy more than one bag, you’ll eat it faster than you think.

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At Eternity’s Gate: Film Review

This film depicts the last years of Vincent Van Gogh’s life, after his slight accumulance of a reputation in the Parisian city center. Willem Dafoe comes alive on screen, fully immersed in his role of the tortured artist. The devastating degradation of Van Gogh’s mental health is explored through intimate, distorted camera work. The off-kilter angles and shaky movement put the viewer in Van Gogh’s shoes, advancing in obscurity as his own dissociations progress. The scenery of the film is resplendent and the distortions caused by the sun seeping into Vincent’s perspective allows the viewer to truly see these landscapes through Van Gogh’s adoring eyes; illustrious color burning under a setting sun.

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Fashion Week in Quarantine

July 13th marked the beginning of Fall fashion week, setting off shows across Europe. However, this year coronavirus conditions have forced many designers to reimagine the ways they present and produce runway works of art. One of a limited few to proceed with a physical show, Jacquemus hosted a socially distanced fashion show in the Parisian northwest in the middle of a blisteringly gorgeous barley field. The sun set upon the guests as they indulged in libations after the show’s conclusion.

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Quick + easy comfort food

Whether it be the dead of winter, the middle of a ravenous workday or when presented with an unexpected dinner guest; it is important to have a reliable comfort food recipe on hand. Something requiring minimal preparation, ingredients, and dirty dishes but still produces spectacular results. A trick up your sleeve, a plan B in your back pocket. This is my dearly held sloppy joe recipe that sustained me through many broke weeks in college. Dependable and delicious, I hope you give this easily adaptable recipe a try sometime. Feel free to substitute anything; that’s how I got this ever-changing recipe in the first place!Continue reading “Quick + easy comfort food”

Best Thing I Read Last Week

“we’re feeling pretty speechless about the current state of things. Though, maybe speechless isn’t the best way to describe it. It might be that we feel ill-equipped to speak to something as large and complex as the systematic racism that this country was founded on and that we are complacent in. As we write this, there are protests happening all over the country. Continue reading “Best Thing I Read Last Week”