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What’s the same about tight pants and a cheaply built castle?


No ball room


I have wanted a long-term creative project for a long time now. Something that I would be able to continually work on, slave over, and could utilize to hone my writing chops. I am hoping that this space (aided by readers such as yourself) can become exactly that. 

 When you meet someone that you want to become intimate with, it is only polite to introduce yourself.

So here goes: I am a creative writing major and have (obviously) adored writing for as long as I can remember (cheesy but accurate). For me, writing has always helped center me when I am in the throes of extreme emotions. Whether I am throwing my pillows out of rage, wiping away dripping mascara due to heartbreak or even just grinning so wide that my cheeks begin to cramp – writing has always helped me organize those feelings into something dissect-able.

Perhaps this sounds like a jarringly sterile approach to life. If this is the case, it is only because I am such a passionate and impulsive person – I need something concrete to balance me out. Writing has always been this concrete thing. I love writing, I need writing and I admire those who do it eloquently and effortlessly. 

I hope you read on and decide to join me in my quest for clarity. This project is to become my child, my best friend and my therapist- my goal is to make that interesting for you. I will not waste your time or write things I do not believe to be true. My opinion will likely often differ from yous. In that case, I ask you to keep your heart and ears (I suppose in this case it’s technically eyes) open to my viewpoint of the world because that is how society is meant to act. We are not built to always agree, but to disagree – respectfully.

Thank you for your time, your attention and your support. 

Sincerely yours,