“Hot January” is a photography and poetry compilation that pivots New Year’s Eve into a larger exploration into our unsustainable practices and they way they both buoy and deflate us all.

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This article delves into the Vogue Italia September 2020 Issue, uncovering all the unexpected ways editor Emanuele Farneti embraces the forward-thinking initiative while remaining cognizant of the traditions of the past.

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This article reviews the September issue of Vogue India, showcasing its tenor of immense innovation and a genuine enthusiasm for change.

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The second article in this small installation explores the British Vogue September Issue and its multi-faceted approach to editor Enninful’s enthusiasm for the Hope theme.

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An article documenting the announcement of Vogue’s new Hope initiative and a review of the US Vogue September 2020 Issue.

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An interview with Cienna Smith– an emerging New York artist whose love affairs with both color and Caribbean mythology create intoxicatingly elusive worlds; enticing the viewer to step inside and partake.

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