elevating the extraordinary from the everyday.

With special interest in:

Editorial Work, Writing, Photography, Curation, Coordination, and Concept Direction.

The grandmother of performance art

This profile piece focuses on Marina Abramovic in transition. A pillar of empowerment and inspiration, this piece celebrates Women’s History Month through her influence on the next generation of artists.

Hot January

“Hot January” is a photography and poetry compilation that pivots New Year’s Eve into a larger exploration into our unsustainable practices and they way they both buoy and deflate us all.

Vogue Hope

A four part series that covers international editions of Vogue’s much anticipated September 2020 publication which united for the first time under a central guiding theme: Hope.

Artist Interview

An interview with Cienna Smith– an emerging New York artist whose love affairs with both color and Caribbean mythology create intoxicatingly elusive worlds; enticing the viewer to step inside and partake.

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