The Grand Budapest Hotel: a Grand and Great Film

Most every scene in this film could be paused, screenshotted, printed and hung up and your friends would question where you found such beautiful artwork. Wes Anderson’s creative style is best showcased in this film’s explosion of color, comedy and surprising action. 

The settings (especially the hotel) make you feel like you’re truly in a doll house, the camera panning around the room rather than cutting back and forth. This is Anderson’s signature filming style, showing the audience just how much set was actually built for the movie to be possible. The characters are magnetic in both attitude and dress and the audience is sure to become immediately entranced by their various plights. 
The comedy is quick and dry- if one talks at just the wrong moment, they are sure to miss a joke and never even know it had been said. The film moves quickly and you are sure to catch on to more and more with each viewing. 
This is my favorite Wes Anderson film and one where I feel his vision is the most clearly presented. I highly recommend this film to anyone willing to pay attention because the payoff is truly spectacular. This is the movie you’ll bug your friends to watch because they simply “won’t get it” until they’ve seen it for themselves. 

KaaBoo: The Jewel of Del Mar

If you haven’t been to San Diego’s newest music festival but have ever desired to see Logic, Muse and P!nk in the same day – this is the festival for you. Having gone to this festival for the second time of its three-year existence, I can truly say it is only getting bigger and better.

The festival focuses more on representing a festival lifestyle rather than just the bare bones of music. There are more than 50 gourmet food booths, personal massages, surf lessons, a Vegas Style day club and so many more luxurious amenities. This wide range of services pulls in a very diverse crowd ranging from toddlers to senior citizens who all migrate out to the coast for a three-day weekend of music, art exhibits, and quality booze.

There are three comedians performing each day in the Aces Comedy club including David Spade, Patton Oswalt and Norm Macdonald. This is the first year that KaaBoo has offered LaughPass distribution which equates to a Disneyland FastPass that can be acquired at either the 1:30 distribution or 3:30. They also have six renowned chefs doing live exhibitions at the Palate stage throughout the weekend for those looking to add a few more tricks to their cooking repertoire.

On the masculine side of luxuries, they offer over 40 varieties of cigars at a booth near the Pub n’ Play area. Keeping in the men’s luxuries,  Annie Lush of J. Hilburn Menswear is offering personal men’s style consultations and fittings. For the more feminine palate, they provide hair styling and makeup at the Paul Mitchell the School San Diego booth for ten dollars per service. The Cake and Punch booth makes personal flower crowns for twenty-five dollars with the option to add in LED lights for an extra ten dollars.

They have a wide variety of food options ranging from Acai Bowls to Greek cuisine to a Mac-n-cheese bar. There are many vegan and gluten free options and the booklet displays a color coded key to these booths. My personal favorite was The Big Cheese which sells a variety of sandwiches that give a back seat to the meat, letting the multiple kinds of cheese be the true star.

Overall, I would recommend KaaBoo music festival to most people in my life because it truly does offer something for everybody.

Closing Note:

The Red Hot Chili peppers, Logic and Muse all put on an amazing and visual live show so if you have the chance to see them, take it.


Greetings Internet-lings (click me to read post)


What’s the same about tight pants and a cheaply built castle?


No ball room


I have wanted a long-term creative project for a long time now. Something that I would be able to continually work on, slave over, and could utilize to hone my writing chops. I am hoping that this space (aided by readers such as yourself) can become exactly that. 

 When you meet someone that you want to become intimate with, it is only polite to introduce yourself.

So here goes: I am a creative writing major and have (obviously) adored writing for as long as I can remember (cheesy but accurate). For me, writing has always helped center me when I am in the throes of extreme emotions. Whether I am throwing my pillows out of rage, wiping away dripping mascara due to heartbreak or even just grinning so wide that my cheeks begin to cramp – writing has always helped me organize those feelings into something dissect-able.

Perhaps this sounds like a jarringly sterile approach to life. If this is the case, it is only because I am such a passionate and impulsive person – I need something concrete to balance me out. Writing has always been this concrete thing. I love writing, I need writing and I admire those who do it eloquently and effortlessly. 

I hope you read on and decide to join me in my quest for clarity. This project is to become my child, my best friend and my therapist- my goal is to make that interesting for you. I will not waste your time or write things I do not believe to be true. My opinion will likely often differ from yous. In that case, I ask you to keep your heart and ears (I suppose in this case it’s technically eyes) open to my viewpoint of the world because that is how society is meant to act. We are not built to always agree, but to disagree – respectfully.

Thank you for your time, your attention and your support. 

Sincerely yours,