A Morning Routine for Quarantine

Here in quarantine the months have flown by quickly while glimmers of hope have become fewer and farther in between. For many, January brings about more of the same: loneliness in the day to day, anxiety over what is to come, and worry for our loved ones who are facing their own hardships.

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A Practical, Beginners Guide for Mindfulness in the New Year

My journey of self discovery and healing has lead me down many an unexpected path. I’ve encountered traditional talk therapy, online wellness summits, Buddhist meditation practices, and the study of energy itself through both a holistic and a quantum physics lenses. Each teaching has contributed a piece to the cornerstones of my personal wellness practices. In amassing as much research as I could, I came to realize that despite the clear variations in doctrine, many approaches to a sustainably positive lifestyle are marked by the same goal : awareness. An answer so disguisedly obvious that I evaded it for years; seeking around the bush, believing a more actionable remedy was sure to be hiding under this false floor. The word itself even appeared as an empty redundancy, the inadvertent effect resulting from the physical act of opening one’s eyes– seemingly omnipresent & easily accessible, awareness didn’t present itself as the complex answer that I was seeking.

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Time to Vote!

This Halloween I will be starting off my celebration bright and early by heading to the polls with my mom and sister. Many things have become uncertain this year but one undeniable result is clear– things are changing.

No matter where you fall on the publicly partisan and personally political spectrum, this election falls at a critical point of questioning and it is vital to make sure your voice is counted as we consider where we go from here.

Make sure that you make a plan to vote and don’t let this year’s obstacles dissuade or dishearten you. Go to https://www.vote.org/ to make your voting plan today.

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My 4 PM Obsession

My most reliable marker of time is consistently my own body. Each day approaching 4 PM I feel a repetitious collision in my brain: my encroaching exhaustion hitting a crossroads with my seemingly unaffected to do list. I gaze at my nearby bed longingly but I know better than to surrender to my assortment of plump pillows and fuzzy blankets– I’ll never get back up. I decided to turn to coffee to provide me with the fuel to keep pushing through my assortment of tasks as the day winds to a close.

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Best Thing I Read Last Week

“In order to engage in meaningful dialogue we must come to the table respecting all participants equally and then we must do something that is quite difficult indeed: we must ourselves become as empty vessels, ready and available to receive. If we can’t do this, we might as well not enter into discussion at all. To do so is only pretense.”

Jan Willis
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The Sun Magazine : A Review

For my birthday this year my grandmother gifted me a subscription to The Sun magazine, along with a copy she had previously read. She had recommended the magazine to me a few weeks earlier and I had been intrigued by the website but hadn’t found any readings online.

Eventually, that initial gifted copy was slated as next in my reading rotation. I read the full issue in only a few days; only stopping in an attempt to savor the remaining pages for the days to come. I wasn’t sure when the next issue would arrive and it was good, like very good. I found the fiction to be impressive, the poetry insightful and the political perspective refreshingly candid.

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Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Quarantine

With all the disruptions of this year, it’s impossible to predict what Halloween in 2020 will look like; if it will look like much of anything at all. Since it’s my favorite holiday, I wanted to be sure to brainstorm some ways to celebrate that can be implemented around the social distance regulations.

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Best Thing I Read Last Week

“Our political and social evils are remediable, if only all of us who want a change for the better just get up and work for it, all the time, with as much knowledge and intelligence as we can muster for it. Half the wrongs of human life exist because of the inertia of people who simply will not use their energies in fighting for what they believe in.”

Katherine Anne Porter
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Dreaming of Europe

As the months of lockdown slowly pass, I find myself increasingly wondering about when the next travel opportunity will present itself. Although it’s been frustrating to have our visible perspective limited, it’s important to remember the necessity of the restrictions and new requirements. While I wait, I’ve found some ways to slowly satiate my travel urges, some of which I’ll share before.

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