Fortunate Son : a Restaurant Review

Here in San Diego restaurants bloomed over weekend with petals of pedestrians vying for one of the limited seats at the newly reopened outside dining establishments. It is heartening to see the community gathering together to uplift their struggling neighborhood eateries even as pandemic pressures weigh heavier than ever.

I have certainly had my fair share of takeout in the last few months, choosing to grant my patronage to those businesses that take care of their communities in return. One of my all-time favorite dining experiences in San Diego is tucked away at Fortunate Son, a hole-in-the-wall establishment that is maximally decorated with green tile, fluorescent signs, and flourishing floral bouquets covering the ceiling. Fortunate Son works in tandem with its next door apothecary bar, Polite Provisions, offering canned curated cocktails alongside their innovate Chinese cuisine.

Sichuan green beans, Chinese sausage fried rice, and orange chicken with chilies are just some of the incredible offerings at Fortunate Son; their menu reinvigorating Chinese classics with the thrill of modern discovery. My ultimate favorite order is their egg rolls which are served with a house-made vinegar chili sauce. The egg rolls are fresh, flaky, and delicious but the real star here is this sauce. Never before have I tasted such a perfect balance of sweet, sour and, heat — I truly believe my taste buds were created to taste this sauce, it’s that good. For Christmas they gifted me the sauce recipe, leaving me stunned and feeling overwhelmingly grateful.

Offering phenomenal customer service, despite the size of any crowd, and delicious one-of-a-kind cuisine, Fortunate Son is a great idea for any takeout picnic, lazy family movie night, or Facetime date. Located on Adams Ave at the edge of University Heights, the area is perfect for a casual nighttime stroll and people watching (from a distance, of course). I recommend calling in your order ahead of time and going on a weeknight if you can, it definitely fills up on weekends!

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