The Melrose Trading Post

Each Sunday Fairfax High School transforms its grounds into a sprawling landscape of booths that sell their wares from 9 am to 5 pm. The wide range of goods from handmade creations, vintage finds, and apothecary items sends out the signal and the market quickly becomes saturated with YouTubers, re-sellers, and the hippest kids from the next towns over. I recommend arriving shortly after opening to avoid the entrance line that grows near midday and as for parking, I had lots of luck north of the market in the surrounding neighborhood.

The entrance fee is $5 and it is cash only so make sure to have a fiver or a friend who can spot you and don’t worry– once inside, the vendors take card or venmo. The campus grounds allow for multiple ‘sections’ of the trading post, making it a bit tricky to tell where you’ve already been and where still left to go but I think it often takes a few visits to each booth to really see everything anyways. With plenty of shade and space, I enjoyed the people watching and seeing a record number of Saint Bernards in one place (4) !

There are certainly some pricier booths selling upcycled vintage clothing, handmade tufted rugs, crafted wood furniture, and other high-end goods but there are still good deals to be found at Melrose. Whether you’re looking for new jewelry, some stickers, or a secondhand clothing find you will certainly have some luck saving some bucks. Due to the widely varied nature of each booth, it is not always appropriate to haggle with the sellers as is common practice at many other outdoor markets, however, you can always try to negotiate. I think any Los Angeles native or visitor would thoroughly enjoy this Sunday Trading Post– there’s something for everyone!

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